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Our Australian Girl Series: Nellie, Letty, Alice


Penguin Books
Each book contains 4 stories in 1, with a gorgeous hardcover and a front clip.

THE NELLIE STORIES - 9780670079155 - By Penny Matthews (2016)
Brave, adventurous, loyal, and clever, Nellie is a remarkable Australian Girl.
It's 1849 . . .
and Nellie O'Neill has arrived in South Australia on a ship bringing orphan girls from Irish workhouses. She has left the famine in Ireland far behind, and is full of hopes and dreams for the future. She wants to learn to read, to be part of a family once more and never to be hungry again. Can Nellie make her wishes come true?
Join Nellie across all four stories about an Irish girl with a big heart in search of the freedom to be herself.

THE LETTY STORIES - 9780670078059 -by Alison Lloyd (2015)
It's 1841 . . .
Letty's older sister Lavina is leaving England for Australia by ship. But Letty ends up stuck on board too, much to her sister's dismay. Can Letty cope with the long sea voyage, as well as building a new life for herself in a strange far-off land?
Journey with Letty across all four exciting stories about a free-settler girl making her own way.
Shy, brave and kind, Letty is an extraordinary Australian girl.

THE ALICE STORIES - 9780670078462 - By Davina Bell (2014)
It's 1918 and Alice's deepest wish is to be a professional ballerina. But as World War One tears her family apart, a battle is being fought in her heart. Can Alice keep everyone together and still make her dreams of dancing come true?
Journey with Alice across all four exciting stories about a gifted girl in a time of war.
Loyal, creative and passionate, Alice is an enchanting Australian Girl.

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