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By Isla Fisher, Eglantine Ceulemans (Illustrator)
Picadilly Press
For 7-9 years

Best-selling junior fiction series by A-list actress and best-selling author Isla Fisher.

Perfect for reading aloud, or for beginner readers... the plentiful illustrations make a good transition from picture books and add hugely to children's enjoyment.
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MARGE AND THE GREAT TRAIN RESCUE 9781848125940 (2017) Book #3
Marge is back and this time she's taking the Button family on a train journey. When Mum and Dad go out for a 'romantic' (i.e BORING) dinner, Marge takes the kids on an adventure of their own. Jakey's always longed to drive a train - and with Marge around to turn ordinary life extraordinary, there's a good chance his wish might come true!

MARGE AND THE PIRATE BABY 9781848125933 (2017) Book #2
Marge is back and exploring the neighbourhood with the kids! With some help from Jemima and Jake, can she stay in charge and keep 'pirate' baby Zara under control? And can the children make sure Marge behaves at Uncle Desmond and Annie's wedding?