Liars Series

  • Liars Series
  • Liars Series
  • Liars Series
  • Liars Series

By Jack Heath
Suitable for Ages 10-14

LIARS #3: THE SET-UP - 9781742993416 (2019)
Jarli is competing in a robot battle when he is approached by sinister government agents. They want him to use his lie-detector app at a conference to prove the defence minister is telling the truth.
The minister may not be lying, but someone else is. When one of the delegates is attacked, Jarli becomes the prime suspect. He can’t even use the Truth App to prove his innocence, because someone has hacked it.
Soon Jarli is on the run from the police, unable to trust anyone. Only one person could be behind this diabolical plan. Can Jarli stop Viper before it’s too late?
The truth never stays buried for long...

LIARS #4: LOCKDOWN - 9781743817766 (2019)
THE TRUTH APP is the latest craze in the town of Kelton. It listens to everyone around you and tells you if they're lying.
When the app goes viral, its teenage creator, Jarli, becomes famous overnight. But being a celebrity can be dangerous. Especially when you've just exposed everyone's deepest, darkest secrets.
Now everyone is out to get Jarli. Kids at school. Teachers. The police. Even his own family.
And the secret network of criminals based in Kelton have just added Jarli to their hit list.
The TRUTH doesn't always set you free...

LIARS #5: ARMAGEDDON - 9781742993430 (2019)
This is not a threat. I have no demands. This is a statement of fact. Leave...or die.
Jarli has lost a day. His missing memories may reveal the identity of Viper—who just announced a plan to DESTROY the town of Kelton.
Meanwhile, Doug is trapped in Viper’s hidden prison. He’s been given up for dead by his family and friends...but he has a daring plan to ESCAPE.
Jarli and his friends are close to unmasking Viper, but the master criminal has spies everywhere. Can Jarli tell his friends from his enemies in time to thwart Viper’s final, terrible scheme?
The TRUTH won’t set them free...