Bad Guys Series

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  • Bad Guys Series
  • Bad Guys Series
  • Bad Guys Series

By Aaron Blabey
Suitable for ages 7-10

#2-6 - 9781742999227 (2018) No Box
Mr Wolf. Mr Shark. Mr Snake. Mr Piranha. They’re Bad Guys, everybody knows that. They're scary and dangerous and well...just BAD. But these guys want to be HEROES. And they're going to prove it by doing good deeds...whether YOU want them to or not. Buckle up for the funniest, naughtiest and coolest SERIES you'll ever read–it's time to meet THE BAD GUYS.

BAD GUYS EPISODE 2 - 9781760154127 (2015)
The Bad Guys are back with a daring plan to rescue 10,000 chickens from a high-security cage farm!
But how do you rescue chickens when one of you is known as The Chicken Swallower? Join the Bad Guys as they return for more dodgy good deeds with a new member of the team. And watch out for the super villain who might just be the end of them!

BAD GUYS EPISODE 3 - 9781760157265 - (2016)
The Bad Guys are about to have a VERY BAD DAY!
Mr Wolf and his bad, bad buddies have messed with the wrong guinea pig. And this nasty little furball wants revenge! Will they survive? Will they be heroes? And will they just stop trying to eat each other?

It's time to put on your baddest pair of chuckle-pants and find out!