A Fistful of Diamonds

  • A Fistful of Diamonds
  • A Fistful of Diamonds

By Lynda Hammond
9780980767452 Faith Builders

Queensland Author Lynda Hammond has created a beautifully presented book. With honest reflection and based on the truth of God's word, this book is full of love and encouragement.

A perfect little gift book!

'Life can be either good or terrible, but mostly it's a bit of both. If "terrible" sounds a bit strong then "dull" will probably ring true for most of us. We can't spend our whole lives on the mountain top, but living with the mundane and the disappointing can be soul destroying.
I have written this book so that I can share some experiences I have had, some lessons I have learned and some hope that I have found. Believer and Leader, I want you to discover, as I have, that you can live with the dull and disappointing seasons of life without them eating away at your joy.
It is my prayer that you find in these pages, a reason to smile and a reason to hope. Above all, it is my desire that you would hear the voice of your Saviour and Heavenly Lover telling you how very precious you are! Please Enjoy!'- Lynda Hammond (Author)