2:52 Devotions to Make you Stronger

  • 2:52 Devotions to Make you Stronger

By Ed Strauss
9780310713111 Zondervan 2007

How does a boy grow up big and strong?

Devotions to Make You Stronger reveals the answer: by exploding the meaning of the Luke 2:52 phrase "Jesus grew in ... stature." With humour, attitude and downright gross-appeal, these devotions teach boys how to team up with God so he can mold them into mighty men.

Zeroing in on powerful people throughout the Bible- such as Moses, Samson, David, and Paul- this exciting 90-day devotional uncovers the secrets behind their stamina and strength. Its engaging style connects biblical principles to real life, inspiring boys to embrace attitudes and habits that lead to good health and proper physical development. These action-packed, intriguing devotions will keep boys turning the pages to discover how to become the strong men God designed them to be.